What is castille soap?

Castille Soap is the name given to a soap produced by way of saponification, using only olive oil and no other oils. We have chosen to produce Castille soap as our primary product as we can grow and press all of our olive oil locally meaning that our production chain is completely transparent.

What is the difference between the soap bar and shave bar?

The soap and shave bar are made in a similar way but the shave bar includes clay which makes for a smooth shave with less irritation.

Why do you only ship to Europe?

We want to keep all of our shipping by land first of all (apart from UK) and within a restricted area so that our soaps do not travel too many kilometres after they leave our farm. If you have a sustainable shipping route from us to you, and want to buy wholesale please get in touch for arrangements. 

Are your products organic certified?

No they are not. Our soaps are made from four ingredients: Olive oil, Essential oils, water and caustic soda. 

Our olive oil is not certified organic because we have chosen not to be certified. The organic association allows many practices which we deem to be environmentally destructive and we see our farm as far beyond organic. We make our promise to our customers that no agricultural chemicals ever enter our farm or are used on any of our plants. Our farm is open to the public and we believe customer inspections at any time of year is much more important than an annual inspection from the organic association. 

We use essential oils which are certified organic. In future we would like to distill our own oils, which is why we have chosen scents from plants which already grow, or can easily be grown on our farm. 

We use spring water collected from a local spring, or rain water collected from our farm.

Caustic soda is not certified organic but is not present after the saponification process. 

What essential oils do you use?

We use essential oils from a Portuguese company not 60km from us. They are called Aromas do Valado and produce certified organic essential oils