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Charcoal Bar Soap

  • Charcoal Bar Soap
  • Charcoal Bar Soap

Our charcoal bar is for oily skin or hair. For normal or dry skin our regular soap bars work just fine as shampoo! For sensitive skin just go for an unscented bar, otherwise try any of our other scents available in the bar soaps page.

Our main ingredient is olive oil, which creates a creamy lather whilst it attracts and penetrates moisture deep into the skin. Our olive oil is pressed from our own olives which we farm in a regenerative manner: no chemicals, no tillage and fostering biodeiversity in all of our orchards.

We also use a bit of Castor oil which is another of the top moisturising vegetable oils. Castor oil creates a soothing, protective layer on the skin whilst adding extra bubbles to your shower experience. This is especially important in hard water areas which means the shampoo bar doesnt stick to your skin as you wash.

Coming soon we have an olive and coconut charcoal bar, for now we have our classic olive charcoal bar available

We currently produce a charcoal bar which is great for oily skin and scalp. We have customers who have found that our soaps really are the only ones they can use: both for oily skin with our charcoal bars, and sensitive skin with our regular bars.

And last but not least, we aim to make our impact here on earth as positive as possible. We want to make it easy for everyone else to do the same too. So as well as using mainly organic and Portuguese ingredients, our packaging is as close to naked as we feel comfortable with. We use a business card (100% post-consumer recycled paper) with all the info you need tied to our soaps with a natural fibre.
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