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Our shave bars offer a smooth, hydrating and healing shave experience.

Using a simple recipe with just 7 ingredients we create a long lasting, easy to use organic shave bar. And its not just for men either!

Simply massage the shave bar onto your skin, or whip up a quick lather by rubbing the soap in your wet hands, no shaving brush necessary! Apply the lather where you want to shave and thats all there is to it.

We use clay in our shave bar to create a smooth glide over the skin, even with a single blade razor. Then olive oil, which is the main ingredient, creates a smooth lather and helps attract and penetrate moisture deep into your skin, helping avoid irritation after shaving. If you do sense some irritation however, simply apply our organic balms after shaving.

We also use a bit of Castor oil which is another of the top moisturising vegetable oils. Castor oil creates a soothing, protective layer on the skin whilst adding some extra bubbles to your shave experience.

Currently we have our classic olive "castile" soap available and soon we will have a coconut/olive option for those who like a bit more bubbles

And last but not least, we aim to make our impact here on earth as positive as possible. We want to make it easy for everyone else to do the same too. So as well as using mainly organic and Portuguese ingredients, our packaging is as close to naked as we feel comfortable with. We use a business card (100% post-consumer recycled paper) with all the info you need tied to our soaps with a natural fibre.

For a limited time we are offering 2.50€ flat rate shipping so fill your basket with everything you need, with some for friends too of course, and no nasty shipping suprises a the end of the checkout!



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